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Jesus and the Actuary: what Jeff Winkler learned at Jubilee

“My involvement with Penn State’s CCO ministry taught me what it means to be a leader,” says Jeff Winkler. “It does not come without hard work and constant effort, nor is it something that should be taken lightly. The ministry also helped me to realize that my decisions and actions directly impact others.”

Today, Jeff and his wife, Sarah, live in Pittsburgh. Jeff is a Senior Actuarial Analyst at Highmark, and Sarah is Assistant Director of Events for the CCO—helping to organize two of the most influential events of Jeff’s college years: the annual Jubilee conference and the summer leadership development program, the Ocean City Beach Project.

“At Jubilee, I saw that God is truly in all things and I can be faithful in the work I’ve been called to,” Jeff says. “Beforehand, I had struggled to make a connection between faithfulness and the work of an actuary.

“In 2006, I attended the Ocean City Beach Project, and it was by far the best summer of my life. I never learned so much, read so much nor had such a fun time fellowshipping with others. The friends I made and the things I learned have stayed with me.”

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