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Choosing wisely: the CCO’s impact on a pharmacist named Eve Bell

“I really think the CCO saved me from a life of hurt from poor decision-making,” says Eve Bell. “It taught me that it’s okay to care about the world; in fact, it’s our role to reach out to others.”

Eve connected to Crossroads, the CCO’s fellowship group at Duquesne University, during the first week of her freshman year. “It was a relief to find a warm, welcoming environment,” she says. “I remember being amazed the first weekend of orientation how many ‘real life’ choices I got to make—not my parents. It was scary to know that I could easily get myself into crazy situations if I didn’t choose wisely. I quickly recognized Crossroads as a safe place to develop healthy relationships with other students and to ask my questions about ‘doing life’ as an adult with free will.”

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