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Do you really need church?

The Rev. Tara Woodard-Lehman is a CCO student and staff alumna who now serves as the Presbyterian Chaplain at Princeton University. She recently posed this question, “Do you really need church?”  in a blog post in the religion section of the Huffington Post:

Not long ago I was having a conversation with a college student. Like many young adults, this guy was a religious “none.” He wasn’t some sort of jaded post-religious person, but he also wasn’t actively trying to find a religious home.

Despite his state of self-described religious none-ness, this student pursued conversations about spiritual things. And, as expressed by many students I talk with, he found my commitment to “traditional religion” quite curious.

He asked, “I mean, I get why you’re into ‘being spiritual’ and ‘helping people’ and everything, but why bother with Church? I just don’t get that part. Do you really think you need it?”

He went on to describe how irrelevant the Church was. In his view, all the Church once provided can be found elsewhere in civic life. From community service projects to book clubs; from outreach to the poor to potlucks; from meditation groups to support groups, he described the many other places that provide much of what the Church used to (and occasionally still does) provide.

I did my best to listen.

And you know what I concluded?

Click here to read the rest of the blog post. (Spoiler alert: Tara’s answer is “yes.”)