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The Ohio State University is the largest university in the U.S., with a population of more than 50,000 students every year. In the realm of campus ministry, it’s the largest mission field in the country.

We (Josh Rodriguez, Landon Adams, Khadija Adams, Beth Mattes, Jason Stone, and Jonathan Weyer) as CCO Associates focus our energy on providing one-on-one discipleship, mentoring and small-group Bible studies. We also reach out to atheists, agnostics and people who are struggling with their faith. This allows students to connect deeply with their faith as we help them become disciplined with the basic elements of the Christian faith. Several of our students are leading additional Bible studies, teaching and helping with large group discussions.

We also encourage students to attend church weekly and be involved with church activities. This introduces students to Christian ministries outside of the campus context, with the hope that when they graduate, they won’t feel so lost as they search for Christian fellowship and teaching. We encourage students to attend Indianola Church of Christ, one of cooperating churches in the neighborhood.

CCO members at Ohio State work hard for the “peace of the university.” This means we seek to spread the Gospel on our campus by seeking to be involved in university life, whether it’s involvement on the University Interfaith Association or picking up trash as we walk across campus. In all this, we hope to show Christ’s love to the largest campus in the country.

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