CCO Campus Ministry

Does your church want to reach college students? We can help.

We believe that God ordained the Church to do the work of ministry, so the CCO partners with the Church to reach local college students. We’ve been doing ministry this way for over 40 years.

Advantages to your church:

  • A CCO staff person can help your congregation reach out to students who would never come to church on their own.
  • You and your CCO staff person can create a ministry that fits your church; it becomes your ministry to college students.
  • The cost for the position is shared mutually by the church and the CCO.
  • Because of our extensive network, the CCO is able to find many strong, highly motivated potential staff people.

Want to know more? Contact the Partnership Coordinator in your area.

One of the core values of our community of faith is partnership and having Katherine Sikma as a member of our ministry team reflects that value in real time. Katherine is not only serving the students at Point Park University but even more importantly, she is engaging our community of faith in mission with students. Through the creation of worship, learning and serving environments we see our partnership with the CCO as a win for the Point Park University students, a win for our community of faith and most importantly, a win for the kingdom of God in our region.
Pastor Terry R. Timm
Christ Community Church of the South Hills

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