CCO Campus Ministry

Here are just a few of the stories:

Josh Shaffer

“Jubilee changed the way I see Christians. There is no part of God’s Creation that cannot be redeemed. I can bring glory to God’s Kingdom as an engineer in a steel mill, and the Jubilee conference put me in contact with people who do those things every day.”


Gabrielle Ingram

“It’s hard to imagine what my life would look like now without the CCO’s ministry, but I don’t think I would be in a very good place. I got into the ministry when I was at probably my lowest point in life. And it saved me; Christ saved me. I would be a broken person with broken relationships. I don’t think I would like myself very much.”


Eve Bell

“I really think the CCO saved me from a life of hurt from poor decision-making. It taught me that it’s okay to care about the world; in fact, it’s our role to reach out to others. Jubilee taught me that I could love science and still love God.”


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